The Harrison family is just a typical, quiet, reserved Alberta family.

Except they aren’t all that typical. Being blessed on a massive scale with 8 kids (3 girls and a handful of boys) is a bit atypical - maybe not among homeschoolers, but it is out of the ordinary. Also, they aren’t all that quiet - there are 10 of them after all. Okay, so they’re an atypical, loud, reserved Alberta family.

Life is not simple, with Tanya having M.S. for the past 25 years, and their youngest son developing (rather dramatically) type 1 Diabetes a couple of years ago. This can lead to some daily challenges that are far more than outweighed by the joys of being part of a Christ centred, homeschooling, loving family.

 Not afraid of adventure,  sold everything and travelled in a bus for a year in 2010. They built some amazing memories, and have no regrets about doing the hard (and sometimes crazy) things.

The joys, messes, and the memories still continue to pile up even though they’re now parked, and in a real house in the small central Alberta town of Innisfail.


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