We live on 10 acres just outside of High Level (no, not High River, not High Prairie, but keep going north, stopping 2 hours short of the NWT border).  God has blessed us with 6 children - 5 sons (21,19,16,3&2) and a daughter (14).  We actually started out with our oldest two in the local Christian school and then God called us to home school our kids and we haven't looked back.  

We've stumbled, cried, laughed and sighed but not looked back.  I was one of those moms who said, "I could never home school."  I have learned since that I was right, I can't...on my own, but God has been more than sufficient to lead and empower and give His amazing grace on our journey for the last 14 years. And let me trip when I stubbornly go my own way:) Oh how glad I am that He has blessed us with the opportunity and privilege  to have our family learn and grow together through home education! We are an ordinary family serving an extraordinary God!  

High Level  (780) 841-0065