14 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course – Prerequisite: One Intermediate Level Course

From the first sparks of Ancient Greece’s splendor to the wonders of the Renaissance, Western culture is a perfect banquet of ideas to engage the mind. Dreams and empires rise and tumble in the centuries’ story of our civilization’s development before the modern era. Students engage with some of the greatest champions and villains the world has known by studying the history of the West, and will increase their understanding of their heritage.

Reading List

Week 1: From Homer to Socrates
Week 2:  From Socrates to Alexander
Week 3: From Alexander to Cleopatra
Week 4: From Romulus to Brutus
Week 5: From Hannibal to Cato
Week 6: From Gracchi to Augustus
Week 7: From Augustus to Marcus Aurelius
Week 8: From Marcus Aurelius to Constantine
Week 9: From Constantine to Augustine
Week 10: From Augustine to Benedict
Week 11: From Benedict to Charlemagne
Week 12: From Charlemagne to Francis of Assisi
Week 13: From Francis of Assisi to Petrarch
Week 14: From Petrarch to Michelangelo