Parent/Child Tutorial (8-10 yrs), $185 – No Prerequisite

Parent/child explore the Socratic Method and the world of stories, fables, and fairy tales, with somewhat more advanced readings than Fables and Tales 1. Not only will these discussions examine the lessons and ideas within the stories, but the children will also start to examine what makes a fairy tale or a fable, and what about a reading makes it exciting or instructive, or both.

We recommend that parents review these stories ahead of time to ensure they are a good fit for their children. Not all courses may be well-suited for each family, particularly when children are in a younger age range. We rely on parent discretion to determine whether or not a course will serve their child well. To request an in-depth view of the readings, please email the Program Manager, Nicole, at nicole@wisdomhomeschooling.com.

Reading List: (online readings will be provided to registered students - no purchase is necessary)

  • Selection of stories taken from Andrew Lang's Fairy Books
  • Tales from the Brothers Grimm
  • Parables from the Bible
  • Ancient Legends (eg. St. George and the Dragon)
  • Tales from English, Greek, Dutch, and Japanese traditions
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