Upper Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (10-12 yrs), $165.00 – No Prerequisite

Before the time of Christ, children were still taught the beauty and power of the Good and the wickedness and ugliness of the Bad. Cultures turned to the gods, a fantastical set of beings with great powers who guarded the earth and her inhabitants with actions both beneficial and hazardous. This course steps back to the time of the Greek myths and tells the tale of the eternal battle of good versus evil through the eyes of these enduring stories of the gods and their antics. You and your child will enjoy learning of the wiliness of Hermes, the bravery of Apollo, the wisdom of Athena, and the trickery of Hades. Through the adventures of these gods both on Mount Olympus and on Earth, students and parents will travel deeper into their understanding of truth, loyalty, justice, mercy, love, and sacrifice. They will also discover the ways natural law has informed the morality of society and given mankind knowledge of the Good.

To Buy:

  • D'Aulaire's Book of Greek Myths by Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire
  • Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff

Reading List:

Week 1: Book of Greek Myths by Ingri and Edgar D'Aulaire - "In Olden Times" through "Poseidon"

Week 2: Book of Greek Myths - "Apollo" through "Dionysus"

Week 3: Book of Greek Myths - "Minor Gods, Nymphs, Satyrs" through "Orpheus"

Week 4: Book of Greek Myths - "Mortal Desendents of Zeus" through "Heracles"

Week 5: Book of Greek Myths - "Theseus" through end

Week 6: Black Ships Before Troy by Rosemary Sutcliff, "The Golden Apple" through "Single Combat"

Week 7: Black Ships Before Troy - "The Women of Troy" through "Battle for the Ships"

Week 8: Black Ships Before Troy - "The Armor of Achilles" through "The Luck of Troy"

Week 9: Black Ships Before Troy - "Warrior Women" through the end

Week 10: The Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff - "Sacker of Cities" through "The Enchantress"

Week 11: The Wanderings of Odysseus - "Land of the Dead" through "Telemachus Seeks His Father"

Week 12: The Wanderings of Odysseus - "Farewell to Calypso" through "Return to Ithaca"

Week 13: The Wanderings of Odysseus - "The Beggar in the Corner" through the end

Week 14: No assignment/wrap up class