Intermediate Course (13 yrs and up), $285 per term, 28 week course/class twice weekly – No Prerequisite

Private 30 minute tutorials are available upon request. (Cost: $25/tutorial)
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Latin 1 is a full year course running from Fall to Spring (two 14-week terms). Students are automatically enrolled for the entire year when registering in the Fall.

Students in Latin 1 will study from a book entitled Lingua Latina: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg. This work immerses the student in the language, and grammar and syntax will be learned from within the context of reading lengthy Latin prose. It is a particularly exciting and novel way to approach learning Latin. In Lingua Latina, the student will first attempt to understand what is said, then investigate the rules which are the foundation of the language.

In keeping with WISDOM’s online program philosophy and vision of classically shaped and delivered courses, there are several primary goals of this Latin program:

  1. It introduces students to a new language and broadens their understanding of the composition of this essential element of communication.
  2. It is a root language for all Romantic languages, and students can begin to have an understanding of some of the original Latin texts. More practically, it grows their arsenal of understanding the nuances of word meanings, which lends to the critical reading and thinking component of all works.
  3. Students' understanding of grammar should grow considerably. Latin is a much simpler language than English and the study of syntax and structure can be developed much easier and with more clarity. With a better understanding of grammar, students will contribute to their understanding of what they read and also to how they write.

Practically speaking, this course is intended to teach Latin, but not just with the goal of learning the language in mind. We hope to encourage a more holistic approach in consideration of these different components, and consequently it might not be as technical as other language teaching.

Latin 1 covers approximately Chapters 1 - 10. Focus includes:

  • Verbs: Person, Number, Voice, Moods, Infinitive
  • Nouns: Cases, Genders, Number, the 5 Declensions
  • Adjectives: Degrees

To Buy

  • Lingua Latina, Part One: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg (Focus Publishing).
  • Optional: Exercitia (the companion exercise book for Lingua Latina). This text is not usually used in class, but tutors recommend it for continued at-home study.
  • Optional: Latin-English Vocabulary I (not absolutely necessary, but helpful for most students)

Available at Hackett Publishing Company or

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