14 yrs. and up,  $175 - Prerequisite: Must have read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Sojourn through the ages, reading Greek and Norse mythology and Christian tales. Each class will take time to discuss Tolkien’s works in light of the bigger, weekly discussions. The reading list includes titles that influenced J.R.R. Tolkien and his writings.

To Buy:

  • The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis

Each book will be split into two readings. Each class will be split into two parts: in the first part we discuss the reading itself; in the second part we discuss the reading in light of Tolkien, how it influenced him, etc. 

Week 1: The Golden Fleece by Padraic Colum, Part 1

Week 2: The Golden Fleece, Part 2

Week 3: Old Norse Poetry*

Week 4:  The Children of Odin by Padraic Colum, Part 1: all and Part 2: Ch. 1 - 7 (“Far Away and Long Ago” to “Aegir’s Feast: How Thor Triumphed”)

Week 5: The Children of Odin, Part 2: Ch. 8 and all of Parts 3 & 4  (“The Dwarf’s Hoard, and the Curse that It Brought” to “The Twilight of the Gods”)

Week 6: Old English Poetry

Week 7: Beowulf, Chapters 1-21

Week 8: Beowulf, Chapters 22-end

Week 9: The Nibelungenlied, “The First Adventure” to “The Nineteenth Adventure”

Week 10: The Nibelungenlied, “The Twentieth Adventure” to “The Thirty-Ninth Adventure”

Week 11: Phantastes by George MacDonald, Chapters 1-12

Week 12: Phantastes, Chapters 13-end

Week 13: The Last Battle by C.S. Lewis, Chapters 1-8

Week 14: The Last Battle, Chapters 9-end

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