Senior Course (14 yrs and up), $195 - Prerequisite: One Intermediate Level Course

In the world’s youth, Greek bards came up the world’s first fully-developed epic fantasy, full of unforgettable characters. Soar over the bold Odysseus’s ship as he navigates hydras, enchantresses, and the perils of a treacherous sea – will he ever come home to reclaim his rightful kingdom? Brimming with cunning warriors, clever maidens, heartbreak and heroism, the Greek mythos is not to be missed!

This course is designed to build students up in familiarity and comfort with the original stories of legendary Greek heros, in the context of the writing that the Greeks themselves would have enjoyed. Students will discover the complex immortal world of the gods, demi-gods, and mortal heros through narratives and Greek plays. This course builds into other WISDOM courses, such as The Gods of Mount Olympus, Foundational Great Books, Continued Great Books, and Before Tolkien, to continue the study of the strong creative roots of myth which we still enjoy in our culture today.

(Note to parents: This course's materials reflect ancient Greek understandings of the world, and this includes their understanding of human sexuality. Readings are carefully selected to be useful to a Christian education, but ultimately it is up to parents to decide what is appropriate material for their child.)

To Buy:

  • Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton
  • The Odyssey by Homer (Students are required to use either the translation by Robert Fagles [very vivid and concrete] or by Stanley Lombardo [also very vivid, a little more lyrical].)

All other readings will be provided in an online format to registered students. If you wish to purchase hard copies of the Greek plays, please contact the Program Manager for recommended translations. (

Reading List:

  • Metamorphosis by Ovid
  • Mythology by Edith Hamilton
  • Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus
  • Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius
  • Alcestis by Euripides
  • Iphigenia in Aulis by Euripides
  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • Agamemnon by Aeschylus 
  • Electra by Sophocles
  • Oedipus Rex by Sophocles 
  • The Phoenecian Women by Euripides
  • The Frogs by Aristophanes
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