Senior Course - 15 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course – Prerequisite: Foundational Great Books

This is a senior level course for those wanting to learn more about Canadian Government. How does our democracy work? How are Provincial parties related to Federal parties? How are MPs selected? What is the Canadian Senate all about? What is the history of parliament and governance? What of the BNA Act, our Constitution, the Canadian Charter of Rights, and what is Canada’s relationship to Britain? 

In this course, we will learn about and discuss the main elements and historical background of how our country is run, as a Federal State, a Constitutional Monarchy, and a Parliamentary Democracy.  We will explore the different levels and branches of government, in the aim of gaining an awareness and appreciation for the political scene, and of how we ourselves participate in it.


  • The Canadian Regime: An Introduction to Parliamentary Government in Canada (4th Edition or newer)  by Patrick Malcolmson,‎ Richard Myers

    This book can be found through many libraries, either locally or through inter-library loan.
    Here are a few places where this volume may be purchased:    Abe Books    Chapters

Week 1: Canada’s Regime Principles (Liberty, Equality, and Democracy) -  preface - Ch.1 (pp.xi-12)

Week 2: Confederation and Constitution - Ch. 2 (pp.13-34); CA 1876, 1982 (pp.241-289)

Week 3: Responsible Government - Ch. 3 (pp.35-57)

Week 4: Federalism - Ch. 4 (pp.58-79)

Week 5: Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Ch. 5 (pp.80-99)

Week 6: The Crown/Constitutional Monarchy - Ch. 6 (pp.101-122)

Week 7: Parliament (Executive and Legislative) - Ch. 7 (pp.123-144)

Week 8: The Judiciary - Ch. 8 (pp.145-166)

Week 9: The Provincial Level

Week 10: The Municipal Level

Week 11: Elections - Ch. 9 (pp. 167-193)

Week 12: Political Parties - Ch. 10 (pp.194-214)

Week 13: Public Policy (and Canadian Identity) - Ch. 11 (pp.215-239)

Week 14: Canadian Parliamentary Simulation