14 yrs and up - $175.00 – 14 week course – Prerequisite: One Intermediate Course

Never was there a man more timeless than G.K. Chesterton. His writings span the turn of the century, yet read as applicably to our 21st century culture as to his own era. This course will delight its participants with the craft of excellent storytelling. Chesterton clearly knows that one of the simplest ways to learn is through narrative, not lecture, and one can tell that G.K. also finds this method a delightful way to teach. Students will examine both his fiction and non-fiction works with a special emphasis on Chesterton's refreshing response to modern philosophy.

Reading List: (All works by G.K. Chesterton)

Week 1: Father Brown: The Eye of Apollo & Father Brown: The Chief Mourner of Marne

Week 2: Father Brown: The Queer Feet , Father Brown: The Three Tools of Death , & Father Brown: The Insoluble Problem

Week 3: The Napoleon of Notting Hill, Book 1, all; Book 2, Ch. 1-2

Week 4: The Napoleon of Notting Hill, Book 2, Ch. 3; Book 3, all

Week 5: The Napoleon of Notting Hill, Book 4, all; Book 5, all

Week 6: Orthodoxy: The Maniac & The Battle of Lepanto

Week 7: Manalive, Part 1, all

Week 8: Manalive, Part 2, Ch. 1-2

Week 9: Manalive, Part 2, Ch. 3 - to the end

Week 10: Magic

Week 11: The Man Who Was Thursday, Opening Poem - Ch. 6

Week 12: The Man Who Was Thursday, Ch. 7 - 10

Week 13: The Man Who Was Thursday, Ch. 11 - 15

Week 14: Orthodoxy: The Ethics of Elfland