14 yrs and up, $300.00, 14 week course – Prerequisite – Intro to High School Writing or Mastering the Essay

This course is a sequel to the prerequisite courses. Like Intro to High School Writing and Mastering the Essay, it is a practical course designed to help the students improve their writing skills by writing many assignments (one per week over 14 weeks) within one semester. Students will delve deeper into specific writing genres, such as critique, allegory, persuasion, and tragedy, to continue to develop their writing abilities. In this high school level writing course, students will also read selections from classic literature and discuss one each week.  This course includes a weekly private tutorial time.


Week 1 - Descriptive
Week 2 - Critique
Week 3 - Metaphor & Simile
Week 4 - Verse
Week 5 - Allegory, Parable & Fable
Week 6 - Logical Argument
Week 7 - Persuasion: Logos
Week 8 - Persuasion - Pathos
Week 9 - Persuasion - Ethos
Week 10 - Dialogue
Week  11 - Tragedy
Week 12 - Comedy A and Comedy B
Week 13 - Film Script: Part I
Week 14 - Film Script: Part II