Foundational Great Books A

Foundational Great Books A

13 yrs and up, $185, 14 week course – No Prerequisite

Read and discuss original works from the greatest thinkers in literature, theology and philosophy in order to study the nature and state of man. Students will witness how these great works can teach us, even now, about who we are and from where we have come, answering Plato's caution:"The unexamined life is not worth living." Students will discover the depth and beauty of ancient prose and poetry,the Shakespearean lyric, and time-tried contemporary works. This course aims not only to expose the student to significant and beautiful texts, but to acquaint them with the methodological tools needed to delve into the thought of the author on his own terms and to explore his claims about reality.
(This class requires good reading comprehension of complex works of literature and an ability to ready up to 150 pages in a week, although the average assignment is 75 pgs.)

Tuesdays, 1 - 2:30 PM
Foundational Great Books   Chelsia Van Hierden

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