14 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course– No Prerequisite 

Crowning the world's north shone a vast land, where adventures were not the stuff of stories, but true. This was the land where bold voyageurs battled the elements, former pirates gave up their ways to seek the fabled Northwest Passage, and ancient peoples' legends twined through time to its beginning. This was the land where Black Robes shed their blood to bring faith, where a girl of fourteen commanded a fort garrison, and a curtain of snow allowed a militia of thirty to overcome an army of hundreds. This was the land of romance, daring, secrets, and the quest to triumph over the odds. This was Canada.

Reading 1 - The Crown of the World: Canada Dawns

Reading 2 - Over to Avalon: France in the Wilderness

Reading 3 - Under the Fleur-de-Lis: The Growth of New France

Reading 4 - A Brilliance in the North: Adventurers Against the Odds

Reading 5 - "Evangeline" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Reading 6 - They Sacrificed Everything, Save Honour: The Seven Years' War Begins

Reading 7 - The Paths of Glory: The Battle of Quebec

Reading 8 - Royals and Revolutionaries: America Strikes

Reading 9 - Where None May Venture: To the Farthest Reaches

Reading 10 - "They Crossed the Border"

Reading 11 - "A Mari Usque ad Mari"  Canada Transforming

Reading 12 - "Champagne and Waltzes" Confederation

Reading 13 - The True North, Strong and Free: Ever Onwards

Reading 14 - We Stand on Guard for Thee: The Turn of the Century and the First World War