Intermediate Course (13 yrs and up), $285 per term, 28 week course/class twice weekly – Prerequisite: Latin 1 or equivalent
(Students may be required to pass a Latin 2 placement exam.)

Private 30 minute tutorials are available upon request. (Cost: $25/tutorial)
Contact Nicole Noster for more information or to book a tutorial:

Latin 2 is a full year course running from Fall to Spring (two 14-week terms). Students are automatically enrolled for the entire year when registering in the Fall.

Students in Latin 2 will use the same book as those in Latin 1: Lingua Latina: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg.  Having studied Latin for at least one year, students will continue to see the concepts they have learned unfolding in the lengthy prose of Lingua Latina. This course year can sometimes be the most challenging as students move past the opening concepts of the Latin language and begin to grapple with more intricate elements. 

Latin 2 covers approximately Chapters 11 - 18 of Lingua Latina. Focus includes:

  • Third declension nouns, indirect speech
  • Fourth declension nouns, declension of adjectives, comparative adjectives
  • Fifth declension nouns, superlative adjectives
  • Participles
  • Conjugation of verbs
  • Deponent verbs
  • Passive voice
  • Adverbs

To Buy

  • Lingua Latina, Part One: Familia Romana by Hans Orberg (Focus Publishing)
  • Optional: Exercitia (the companion exercise book for Lingua Latina). This text is not usually used in class, but tutors recommend it for continued at-home study.
  • Optional: Latin-English Vocabulary I (not absolutely necessary, but helpful for most students)

Available at Hackett Publishing Company or

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