Junior Course/Parent Tutorial (8-10 yrs), $165 - No Prerequisite

Come ready to read and discuss! This is a parent/child course. Experience using the Socratic method in this introductory level course while reading and studying a weekly fable or tale. The entire family is encouraged to participate in reading and asking questions about these classic short stories prior to class, so that once in class the experience is rich.  Explore the deep lessons and ideas in these seemingly simple readings.

Week 1: "Androcles" & "The Woodman and the Serpent" by Aesop

Week 2: "The Bear and the Two Travellers" & " The Lion and the Mouse" by Aesop

Week 3: The Husband Who Was to Mind the House - A tale from Norway

Week 4: The Wonderful Weaver retold by James Baldwin (Greek Myth)

Week 5: The Pen and the Inkstand by Hans Christian Andersen

Week 6: The Miller, His Son, and Their Mule

Week 7: The Fisherman and His Wife by The Brothers Grimm

Week 8: The Parable of the Ten Virgins by Jesus

Week 9: Toads and Diamonds by Charles Perrault

Week 10: A Mother and Her Seven Little Kids by The Brothers Grimm

Week 11: Wali Dad the Simple - as told to Andrew Lang (The Blue Fairy Book)

Week 12: The King and His Hawk retold by James Baldwin

Week 13: A Spark Neglected Burns the House by Leo Tolstoy

Week 14: Evil Allures, But Good Endures by Leo Tolstoy