Are you ready to improve your child's learning?

WISDOM's workshops will help you apply mediated learning in your home. If you are a parent who learns by doing, you will find our workshop format very helpful.

In-Person: Day-long, practical, hands-on events are available in major centres across the province. After a day of immersing yourself in mediational methods, you will be surprised at how easy it is to have an immediate and lasting impact on the way you home school.

Online: Join a series of  2-hour sessions that will include instruction, parent participation, and opportunity for Q & A. As participants meet in a virtual classroom, a strong internet connection and a microphone/speaker are required.

Materials for the Mediated Learning workshops are protected by copyright. Recording of any session is prohibited.

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About our workshops


  • Spark learning for every student: challenged to gifted.
  • Through activities, discussions, and skill-building exercises, get a solid grasp of the foundations of the mediational teaching method; learn to apply it to any child, using any curriculum.
  • Understand how the brain learns best and how Mediated Learning can be incorporated into family life.
  • Access tools that make learning engaging and meaningful for your child.
  • Explore the importance of parent/child attachment and learn ways to keep it healthy.
  • Discover problem-solving techniques that help to strengthen cognitive weaknesses.
  • Leave the workshop with firm personal and family goals in place, as well as a plan to achieve them.

The Foundations Workshop is a prerequisite to attending any other Mediated Learning workshop



  • Go from conflict to cooperation.
  • Find positive ways of addressing behavioural challenges.
  • Grow in skills which help in dealing with delays, blocking, fear of failure, fear of succeeding, lack of confidence, and argumentative behaviour.
  • Learn nine key areas of living, performance, and stability.
  • Engage in personal and group activities that will increase your ability to identify learning barriers and address frustration.
  • Bring your home to new place of success and peace.

 Critical Thinking

  • Brain building workshop.
  • Use Mediated Learning in practical ways: Focus on logic, organization, problem-solving, and planning.
  • Learn specific strategies to focus the learner on thinking processes and awareness of change. “How did you solve that problem?” “What did you use?” “How can you help yourself?”
  • Learn the kinds of questions that trigger critical thinking and help children become solution-focused.
  • Become more confident in applying Mediated Learning to any challenge.


 REading and math

  • There is no such thing as stuck.
  • Use Mediated Learning to work past reading and math difficulties.
  • Explore readiness.
  • Learn about perception challenges (dyslexia/dyscalculia) and how to work with your child.
  • Learn the roots of reading and math issues, and direct this knowledge toward a fresh start for children wounded by negative experience.
  • Receive tips and proven strategies.



  • Go from struggle to success.
  • Explore student attitude and belief by using the mediational method.
  • Assess weaknesses and strengths.
  • Help children struggling with focus, memory, confusion, processing, frustration, planning and learning delays.
  • Come away with an action plan.
  • Come away with hope; moving from "I can't." to "I can."


Mediating High school

  • For youth 13 and older, with at least one parent attending.
  • Directed to students, helping them become more self-directed.
  • Focus on goal-setting, staying motivated, healthy study and healthy living.
  • Receive effective tools for becoming more responsible and mature.
  • Learn to self-mediate, to ask meaningful questions, and to grow as critical thinkers.
  • Explore “calling”.
  • Take charge of behaviour and learn to plan for the future.

MLWorkshopsSQUAREScreen Impact

Screen Impact

Technology: Finding Balance
  • How much is too much?
  • Learn the signs of too much screen time and what to do when there is.
  • Learn how to find and maintain a healthy balance in your home.

Fees and Schedule

Online Workshops

Offered to WISDOM families in 3 weekly sessions. $60

In-Person Workshops

Let us know if you'd like one in your region.

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Check back frequently for updates and changes — notices are also posted on WISDOM's Facebook page: www.facebook.com/WISDOMHomeSchooling

"The presenters did a wonderful job! Loved that we did activities that were challenging. It was a good reminder for me to understand my children better and to have more patience and understanding when they don't grasp a concept right away."

— WISDOM mom 


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