We invite you to inspire WISDOM students at our High School & Beyond Conference.

Please share a photo of you and a paragraph telling us where you are and what you have been up to since completing high school. Bonus points for a formatted 8.5x11 sized poster – be as creative as you like!

Send your paragaph and photo (or poster) to us by March 13.

Your submissions will be shared with the WISDOM family to offer encouragement to those currently navigating their homeschool journey, and posted at our 2023 High School Conference, entitled “Confidence”, on March 31 and April 1 in Edmonton.

Email your submission to alumni@wisdomhomeschooling.com.

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Popular gift-exchange generator Elfster recently interviewed Terry, one of our home school consultants and author of our Terry's TLC newsletter about helping to build meaningful connections while dealing with pandemic restrictions.

School-aged children have certainly been hit with challenges this past year, especially when it comes to connecting with the people they love the most. Not only have they been temporarily cut off from beloved grandparents and special family members, but when the global COVID-19 pandemic hit and schools closed their doors to in-person learning, their usual hub of activity shifted, leaving kids craving connections with classmates and friends.

Terry selflessly saw the need to foster relationships and help this homeschool community make meaningful connections. She was excited to think of something that would help during these difficult times — even a little. 

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Learn about WISDOM Home Schooling from someone who has been there from year one - first as a student, then an employee, a graduate and a home school mom.

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