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Saturday, February 11, 2017
Please bring a bagged lunch.
Peace River Bible Institute, Sexsmith, AB

Featuring: Ken Noster, TobyLauren Burgess, Rae LaRocque & Simon Noster

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Because of the increasing minimum purchases and the availability of group buys through other groups, WISDOM is going to stop selling discounted Rosetta Stone tickets after January 30th.

To take advantage of this option before it expires, we are selling the remaining tickets for only $110 instead of our usual $150 - that's $69 off regular price.

Contact Carolyn in our office right away - this deal expires at the end of the day on January 30th.

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Sign up now for the Spring Term of our Socratic Dialogue Online Program.

Classes start the week of February 6.

WISDOM’s online program can be considered a classical program in two senses of the word. The majority of the readings are original classics, whether in Literature, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, or Theology.  The method of learning in most of the online courses is through Socratic dialogue, which means that the students are expected to use their minds in defending their ideas, and challenging one another’s grasp of the book and of the truths contained within it. This method strengthens the students’ memory, and begins to accustom them to using correct grammar, logical thinking, and persuasive speaking, which are the first three liberal arts.

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January 5th, 2017

Today, a Consent Order was filed in Court at Grande Prairie. This document formalizes an agreement whereby Trinity will continue to have the ability and funding to run the school, including the home school program.

By our agreement, there will be some administrative and governance changes, but our families will continue to be served with the same quality and attention to your needs as in the past.

Funding will be promptly reinstated and we should begin processing resource refunds by the middle of January. We will be starting with a bit of a backlog, so please let us know the level of urgency your refund requires.

We are thankful for your prayer and support throughout this challenge, standing with us through recent events.

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Merry Christmas from all of us, including those who didn't make it into the photo. We are honoured to serve you.

We've released the January edition of the WISDOM Family Magazine as a digital copy. You are welcome to download it to your computer and print it, or view it on your computer or in your browser.  We hope you enjoy this edition of the magazine.


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We appreciate the many families who have supported and encouraged us over the past 7 weeks, and more than two decades before that. You are why we do what we do.

Trinity and WISDOM are in the process of attempting to reach a resolution with Alberta Education. We will have more information to parents soon.

Dear Parents,

Today Trinity/WISDOM obtained an interim injunction to restore its accreditation and ability to operate. It was a big victory for procedural and constitutional rights and the rule of law. The injunction means that student files remain with Trinity/WISDOM.  It means your facilitator will resume visits immediately, and life can return somewhat to normal.  “Somewhat” to normal, because Trinity/WISDOM has received only 10% of the annual government funding.  If a permanent injunction is granted in January, we anticipate the full restoration of funding pending our ultimate Application for judicial review.

Your family will receive funding during this academic year.  Benefactors are eager to help fund families who need it soon.  Those able to wait will receive it after January 5. Please let our office know what you require.

Thank you for continuing to stand with WISDOM.


Who is WISDOM? How did we begin? What do we stand for? What do we have to offer your family?

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If you're ready to join us for the 2017-2018 school year, we look forward to serving you. While we accept families throughout the year, the funding deadline is September 30, and we prefer to have all paperwork processed before August 31.