14 yrs and up, $175.00, 14 week course– Prerequisite: One Intermediate Level Course

Tacitus said it was “worth a conquest;” Chamberlain called it “the darkest land;” Shakespeare named it a “precious stone set in the silver sea.” Who would have thought a small northern island would be the scene of the one of the most dramatic tales in history - one that would span empires and ages? Students will embark on a journey through the wars, loves, and adventures of England’s history, and Socratically challenge the concepts that wove its rich tapestry.  The course will begin with the first century before Christ, when Rome famously “turned its gaze upon Britain,” and continue through to the sweeping changes of the Victorian empire.

Week 1: Worth a Conquest - The Roman Invasion of Britannia

Week 2: The Wrath of the North - The Re-making of Angleland

Week 3: Monks, Marauders, and Stargazers: The Saxons’ Golden Age

Week 4: The Comet's Wake -  The Normans Seize the Throne

Week 5: Island Bastion - The Nation Discovers Itself

Week 6: This Sovereign Realm - The Age of Chivalry

Week 7: Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears the Crown – The Wars of the Roses

Week 8: The World Turns Upside Down – The Dawn of the Tudors

Week 9:  Then Came the Queens -  The Late Tudor Era

Week 10:  Blood and Flames – England Against Itself

Week 11: Men of Subtlety and Daring – The Restoration and the Age of Discovery

Week 12: Hanover Steps In – The Georgian Era

Week 13: An Emperor and a Lady – From Napoleon to Victoria

Week 14: The Sceptre Imperial – The British Empire