Top 10 Tips for Home Schooling Families On Simplifying Their Lives


1. Plan to do the most shopping and errands you can do on each shopping trip.  Avoid shopping more than once a week, if possible.  This will add time to your days.

2. Plan meals for 10 days to 2 weeks at a time, depending on your shopping schedule.  Know at breakfast (or even the night before!) what you are having for supper, so you can do the preparations needed during the day and not be wondering at 4 o’clock, “What’s for supper?”  This will also aid in nutrition and save you money!

3. Each family member should have a treasure box to keep their treasures inside.  Teach your children to de-clutter, too!  It will be a blessing to them throughout their lives.  Remember, “People are more important than things!”

When I was a kid, we had screentime. Our device was a B&W TV with three channels and one was in French. If you’re sitting there wondering “what device is a B&W TV?” that’s because it was before your time, and if you’re nodding your head saying “Yeah I remember,” you are old… I mean, old-er. If you wanted to see a movie you had to go to the movie theater. That changed with the advent of new technology and what is called “user controlled content”.  User controlled content is where the individual using the device can control what they see and hear. With changing technology the user has gone from just simply using the device, to interacting with the device, and finally immersing themselves into the device. (I’ll clear things up later regarding the last one.)

G.K. Chesterton, the great Christian writer of the early 20th century, said, “anything worth doing is worth doing poorly.” This statement is the antidote for so much of what ails our culture, and specifically our home schooling. Reluctant to start until we are well prepared, and reluctant to stop until we are absolutely finished, we can find ourselves controlled by inertia.

Inertia: the property of matter by which it retains its state of rest or its velocity.... Inertia is that force that causes us to stay put, to avoid getting up in the morning, or filing our income tax, or cleaning the bathroom. Inertia also is the force that keeps us going once we have begun.

Let’s look at the inertia that keeps us going once we have begun.

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