So often, we lose ourselves in parenthood. Our own desires are often set aside as the demands of parenthood are so constant. I hope that you can just take a deep breath as you make it through another day - and so did your children.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” 

— Robert Louis Stevenson

Happy Home Schooling to all of you – especially to the families new to WISDOM. This eLetter (Terry’s Terrific Learning Connections or Terry’s Tender Loving Care) is meant to encourage and inspire families homeschooling their children. 

We are living in uncertain times. Some of us have homeschooled for years, while others leaped into homeschooling this September. No matter what lies ahead of us, homeschooling our children is a great choice! There were times when I got distracted by academics or parenting issues and those were what I focused on. 

Today I encourage you to focus on your relationship with your child / children. Why not add relationship building activities to your daily / weekly plant? 

Make a list of what each child loves and try to include that in your homeschool week / life as much as possible. Talk often.  Eat good food together slowly. Play games. Go for walks. Read great books aloud. Read the Bible and pray together to relieve stress and anxiety. Hug often. 

Do whatever builds your relationship with your child as much as possible. Our days together might seem long, but the years are so short. 

Heart of HSing

Best Links (and reminders) – Encouragement for Today!

HS mom readingI really enjoyed reading this blog. She had some great tips that would have helped me while homeschooling our children. 

5 Things I’d Do Differently if I Started Homeschooling Now



This was a wonderful read, too. She shared some very practical tips. I loved her first tip.

5 Ways to Manage Home and (Home) School

One of the easiest ways to add some Fun (and Relationship Building) into your Homeschool is by adding in seasonal activity ideas. This is a lovely collection of Fall Learning Activity Ideas - everything from Fall Baking to Fall Reading to Fall Stem Activities to Fall Crafts and more. It’s a quick way to add *Fall Fun* into October.

You can also add in 2 or 3 Fun Theme Days a month. Some are very easy to include. Check out Daily Holidays OR Days of the Year

(I always checked these out online without the kids present and made an idea list for each month of the year. *There are a lot of days I wouldn’t celebrate, too! *Some years we did more than others. It’s an extra – so no guilt!)

HS mom readingThis would be a great time of the year to start a weekly Homeschool Poetry Teatime. Another relationship building fun activity that many homeschoolers enjoy. I loved reading poetry regularly to our girls (and they still enjoy poetry to this day). *This is a quick start guide.



We loved Science Experiments and this website looks perfect for homeschoolers. It has tons of experiments to view AND do!  Science Bob

I just saw this blog yesterday and loved reading it. (Some of the tips would also work for teens.) Homeschooling Pre-Teen Boys: 8 Guidelines that Bring Peace

I can’t believe this collection of Dot Marker Printables (115 different links!) Our younger girls liked Dot Marker Activities.  Why not print off a few to have on hand for your younger ones? (I liked to have some worksheets on hand and would take a couple hours every season or so to print a *bunch*!)

HS mom readingThis looks like a perfect activity for preschoolers learning to read. I think it would make a great Busy Bag Activity or even a lovely gift / activity for a grandchild or friend with little ones. (I love reusable Busy Bag Activities!) 

Alphabet Clothesline


AND why not look for some *crazy smart* math tips online and share them with the kids?  I saw this online and think it is crazy how well it works. Other parents agreed!

Math Hack

WISDOM Mail Exchanges

I just set up the WISDOM Mail Exchanges for October and am excited to announce new Mail Exchanges for October. (Participants have one week after the draw date to get their exchange item in the mail.)

  1. WISDOM Book Mark Exchange. Participants will mail a handmade or bought bookmark to their assigned partner. *Deadline to join - October 18
  2. WISDOM World Travel Mail Exchange. Participants will pick a favorite country and mail activity pages to their assigned partner. *Deadline to join - October 25

For more information on how to join these WISDOM Mail Exchanges, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

WISDOM Booklet of the Month

WISDOM has encouraging and informative booklets available for their parents.  

This month’s booklet is Record Keeping for the Home School Parent. Staying organized is often one of the biggest challenges in a busy, homeschooling home, and it's even more important than we sometimes realize.  This booklet gives you practical tips for effective record keeping, written by home schooling parents who have faced these challenges.  (Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to get a copy mailed out to you.)



Happy Homeschooling!

Homeschool Freedom (AND Fun) in the Summer

I must admit I love the freedom of home schooling at any time of the year, but home school freedom in the summer time is especially sweet. 

After a long home school year of planning, home schooling and meeting our goals, I (and the girls) appreciated a break from academics during the summer months. 

Many years, I had a Summer Binder and I would make a plan for each week.  I made a list of activities I thought the kids would enjoy and spaced them out through the summer months. 

Having activities listed on a calendar in my Summer Binder always made it easier for me to get things done.  Sometimes we would do one activity a day – other times, there would be an activity for the morning and another one for the afternoon.  I had family readalouds, nature walks, fun baking ideas, crafts, games, and more listed down.  We never got all of them accomplished, but if I needed an idea, it was there.  (And I reused it from year to year!)

A few years, we even had a Summer Fun Afternoon where we invited extra kids to join us for fun water games, a pinata, snacks and prizes one day.  The kids LOVED that.  (AND I almost always did childcare through the Summer!)

We also went swimming every summer weekday afternoon for two or three years AND hosted Japanese Exchange Students for four or five summers, too.  (I loved hosting Japanese Students.  We got a closer look into their culture and life, while they got a close look into Canadian culture and life.  Some girls were easier to host than others, but it was always a great family extra to do in the summer times.  *ALTHOUGH perhaps don’t go to Heritage Days before you know how to pronounce your Exchange Student’s last name….  We did find her!  She got tired and sat down by the Playground.)

Life was very full for me, and I loved it, but perhaps that isn’t the kind of summer you (or your family) want or need.  The great thing about Home School Freedom (AND freedom itself) is that each of us gets to choose what kind of summer we will have.  Here are some ideas that you are free to use or not, as you wish!

Terry’s Terrific Learning Connections (OR Terry’s Tender Loving Care)

As this home school year draws to a close, I hope you have had a great year home educating your children and that you have some fun (and / or) relaxing plans for your family this summer. 

Welcome to the first edition of Terry’s “Terrific Learning Connections” (and Tender Loving Care, too) for WISDOM Families.

I’ll share great links, contests and connection opportunities for WISDOM Families and Students monthly. I usually share a lot of these ideas on Facebook but want to open it up to the entire Family of WISDOM Home Schoolers.

Does your family love games? Or would you like to incorporate more family games but are not sure where to start? Games have been proven to rapidly develop cognitive functions in all ages.

Games the Build the Brain is a favourite resource of home schooling families everywhere! Find a fabulous game in this booklet, and learn which cognitive skills it builds and supports. Then, play it with your family to reap the cognitive and relationship benefits!

It was with the support of their local school principal that Ken and Marlane Noster brought home their eldest child, half way through grade 3; but the superintendent threatened to charge them with truancy.  The late 80’s were rife with inconsistencies in treatment of home schoolers.

What's the difference?

"What's the difference between parent-led and teacher-led? Why do some families get different homeschool funding than others? I hear about 'aligned' or 'blended' or 'school-delivered' or 'teacher-led' or 'parent-led'... are there really that many kinds of home schooling?"

We hear questions like this frequently, and hope that the following information will help you to make an informed decision in your own educational journey. All learning-at-home options in Alberta fall under one of the following categories.

Many students are thinking about the spring-times of their future careers, or summer jobs, or 'after school' jobs.

But with that thought comes anxiety:  as a home school grad, what do I put on my resume and what do I say in a job interview? What will I say when they ask “do you have your high school diploma?” I have some ideas…

(Note: this article isn’t a comprehensive list of everything you should put in a resume or say at an interview, but simply a few ideas for you to consider and get you thinking).

I was somewhat thrust into home schooling without a great deal of preparation.  About all I knew was that I had the right to teach my children at home, and in my first year I simply brought home all our daughter’s textbooks from school.  It soon became clear that importing the school into our home wasn’t going to work very well so, in our second year, I copied both method and curriculum from another home schooling family.  This whole time, in an effort to research what other options might be available, I spent a lot of time reading books on education in general and some on home schooling.