Happy Home Schooling! This eLetter (Terry’s Terrific Learning Connections or Terry’s Tender Loving Care) is meant to encourage and inspire families homeschooling their children. 

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and break with your family. Many of us are back at homeschooling now and perhaps some are wondering what to do. (What to do with the kids, what to do with homeschooling, what to do as a couple, what to do with current events, what to do with life, and more….)

My best advice is just to keep going. Pull yourself up and just keep going. Don’t make permanent decisions in troubled times. If you are tired, rest. If you are discouraged, look for encouragement everywhere you can. If you are anxious, quit worrying and trust God for each day. Easier said than done, I know. Try going on a media fast - even for a few hours a day - and reading your Bible more. I do like to keep up with Current Events, but I also know Who is in control and I will continue to trust Him.

One thing I learned years ago is that the *official* Homeschool Year is half over at the end of January. You still have another five months to go and so much homeschooling can still be accomplished. (And I homeschooled unofficially through the summer most years, too. It’s not the same *heavy* homeschooling, but a lot can get accomplished then, too. Homeschooling quickly became our life – 24/7 – and it was so good. I hope it is good for your family, too!) 

So, this is the Official FUN TLC of the year. I love homeschooling and I love having fun – AND I love combining the two! What better time of the year to focus on fun than right now?

I thought this was such a fun idea to do with the kids. Snowman Painted RocksI just don’t know where I would find rocks right now – other than a dollar store! (A homeschool friend said “Get out a shovel and dig! 😊) And if you have little ones, the bonus for this idea would be making a Busy Bag Activity for them!


This would be a lot of fun to do one afternoon – Pipe Cleaner SuperheroesIf you have girls that like princesses or fairies, just change the clothes, pipe cleaner colors and faces. (And bonus, they could be a fun homemade toy to play with, too!)


I love this activity, too. Snowy Winter TownIt would be a great craft for multi ages. Put the paper out and let the kids be as creative as they wish.   

The Homeschool Scientist is back to publishing their Science Activity Calendar! Each day has an engaging and easy-to-implement science activity or reading recommendation. In January, they explore snow, ice, popcorn, Braille, Ben Franklin, and more! A quick way to add a little more hands-on science (and fun) to your homeschool. (Lovely website – check it out!)

We enjoyed Free Virtual Field Trips so much one January. I found an African one that the girls loved and we peeked at it whenever we could. It was thrilling to see elephants, zebras and more in real life. I kept track of the animals sighted in a notebook and did a little informal learning via Youtube and books along the way, too. We also did an Owl Cam and a Polar Bear Cam (set in Manitoba) – and I can still spend a little time watching a video of Animals crossing a log in Pennsylvania now and then. Smile. 

What about a Snow Volcano for some outdoor fun on a warmer day? I think kids would love it!

Try making Paper Snowflakes on a cold afternoon, too.  A neighbor had beautiful snowflakes taped to one of her windows and I finally figured out she had made them herself. Challenge the kids to come up with more intricate versions. 

I love Paper Crafts and this is another fun little craft the kids could play with.  Sleighing Paper Craft 

Anyone else have kids that love Lego?  There are so many fun Lego Projects online. I can remember a blog I read where a mom bought new small Lego boxes for everyone and that was the family activity after a Holiday meal. Why not have some Lego Fun together this month? (I think all the below would use Lego blocks you would already have!)


And for the Big Kids:

DIY Nail Yarn Art looks like fun. It could end up as a gift or a room decoration. Be creative. Use what you have – a wooden bread board would even work.


Sock Sheep also look like a lot of fun. Why not make 2 or 3? 


AND in preparation for Valentine’s, why not plan to Heart Attack each of your children’s bedroom doors with reasons why you love them?  (Starting on Feb. 1, they wake up to a new heart on their door each day!) It can be as elaborate or simple as you and your husband wish.

Perhaps one of the big kids could make these Stapled Heart Wreaths for around the house, too.  Very sweet and easy craft.  

A Typical Week of Homeschooling was a delightful find a few weeks ago. There are several more *typical* weeks for different ages on the webpage. I hope it is encouraging to you. (And it is on a lovely Australian homeschool page. Why not pray for Australia and homeschoolers around the world this week? I know many would love to be prayed for…)


WISDOM Mail Exchanges are going well. Interested families exchange items through the mail (and some have developed friendships, as well!) The next Exchanges are a WISDOM Family Game Exchange, a WISDOM Valentine Exchange, a Happy Mail Exchange for ages 12 and under, a Happy Mail Exchange for ages 13 and up, a Fun Bandaid Exchange, and a Hot Choc. Packet Exchange. (It’s also a good way to get your children writing!) For more information: email 

I’m going to highlight the Home School Encouragement 1 Booklet this month. “There will be times when you wonder if you can keep on home schooling your children. Home schooling our children can be draining, messy and overwhelming, but it is also a commitment, a delight and worth all the time and energy it takes. Read this booklet once, twice or whenever you need to, and have a spare copy to give to a home schooling friend when needed.”

Feel free to request it by emailing  and I will get it in the mail for you.

Have a great month AND Happy Home Schooling!