WISDOM Virtual Classroom: NewRow

Our online program utilizes the virtual classroom, NewRow by Kaltura. This platform works within your browser window (Chrome or Firefox) and does not require a plugin or an application. (You should also have the most updated version of these browsers.)

Upon login, NewRow will remember your login information for each classroom visited, so you usually only need to log in once when using the same computer and browser.* Please be sure to use your correct name (or set of names for Junior courses) when you log in the first time. See login procedure below.

Technical Requirements

  • Computer is preferable (Higher end tablets or smartphones can be used if necessary, but we strongly advise using a desktop or a laptop computer for an optimal experience. Devices cannot access all tools or features in the classroom.)
  • Intermediate/Senior courses: Headset with microphone
    Junior Courses: Speakers and external or built-in microphone (Both parent & child should be able to speak and hear within the classroom.)
  • High speed internet connection.
    (NewRow requires the Chrome or Firefox browsers on a computer. iOS devices need to use the app.)

NewRow (Kaltura) Recommended System Requirements

Run a Quick Tech Check.

If using a mobile device, please use the mobile web browser to access the classroom, but in order to do so, you'll need to follow these specific directions
Some devices perform better with the Kaltura Video Conferencing app: iOS Google Play/Android

NewRow Login Procedure

  1. Open the link shared with you in your course details email in either Chrome or Firefox.
  2. Intermediate/Senior Courses: Enter your first and last name, as well as an email address.
    Junior courses: Enter the parent’s name as well as your child’s. Eg. Jane/Mrs. Smith
  3. Enter the classroom password.
  4. Upon entering a classroom for the first time, NewRow will ask for camera and microphone permissions. Give permission for the classroom to access these tools. They can be turned off once you are in the classroom. (We will be only using the microphone in the classroom, so if you have the option to not give permissions to the camera, feel free to not give camera access.)
  5. You will then be connected to the classroom; upon entering, please turn off your camera and microphone using the button on the top left of the screen. Your tutor will invite you to use the microphone when class has commenced.

The classroom will usually only be open for login 10 minutes prior to your class time. If you try to log in before that time, the classroom will be unavailable.

More technical information is also available here.

*For families who have different children with the same tutor, you will need to follow a slightly different process because the classroom automatically remembers the first login. This means that if the same computer/device and browser are used for online classes, the second child who logs in will be recognized as the first child. There are several options to circumvent this:

  • Option 1: Click "Switch Account" on the classroom login page, and it will prompt you to enter fresh name information.
  • Option 2: Use a private or incognito browser window (For Firefox: File -> New Private Window; for Chrome: File -> New Incognito Window)
  • Option 3: Use different browser windows for each student (i.e. Firefox for Child 1, Chrome for Child 2)


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a tablet or smartphone instead of a computer?
Yes, NewRow has a downloadable app for iOS or Android devices. Please see links to access the app download above. You can also use the mobile web browser to access the classroom, but in order to do so, you'll need to follow these specific directions.

However, we highly recommend using a computer (desktop or laptop) for the best experience for full access to the features of the classroom as well as technical stability.

Do you use video in the online classroom?
No, we only utilize the audio capabilities during class time. NewRow is equipped with video capabilities as well, and the student does need to manually shut off his or her video camera if their browser is accessing it. We have decided to keep our classes to audio tool use only because it is less distracting and uses less bandwidth for students than using video as well.

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