Augustine confessed that he was “one of those who write because they have made some progress and who, by means of writing, make further progress” in the spiritual life. (Letter 143) John Newman said, “writing demands humility”.

The WISDOM classical online program includes a selection of writing courses. At the heart of each of these courses is a particular focus on discovering and expressing truth and beauty.

No matter what the subject or content of student writing, all submissions should ultimately reflect truth and beauty. Most writing will not have a religious theme but should reveal the goodness and wisdom of God. Evil is not glorified. Good triumphs. Lies are exposed. Truth reigns.

WISDOM’s Great Books Online Program is one that is built around classic literature and timeless authors of past centuries. The writing courses model the great writers whose works have stood the test of time, reveal truth and beauty, are morally solid, have something to teach, and encourage our spiritual life. In WISDOM’s list of books, these qualities can be found in a great variety of styles and subject matter. Students are encouraged to hone their writing skills and creativity by looking carefully at what the masters teach through their writings.

Write to discipline the mind. Write to find humility and ground one’s intellect in God. Write to create art. Write to learn. Write to inform. Write to bring pleasure and stimulate the mind in truth. Write to serve. Write to tell a meaningful story. Write because of mission. Write to become more human and free.

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