WISDOM’s Socratic Dialogue Online Program can be considered a classical program in two ways. The majority of the readings are classics in Literature, Mathematics, Science, Philosophy, and Theology. Students are encouraged to avoid summaries or editorials on these books but to read the books themselves, and to gain all the truth possible from these original texts.

Learning in the online courses is through socratic dialogue, compelling the students to use their gift of reason to develop their ideas, express their interpretations, and challenge each other’s grasp of the truths contained within the text. This method strengthens the student’s memory while refining the use of correct grammar, logical thinking, and persuasive speaking.

The courses or subjects are developed carefully to reflect a classical approach. They help students acquire thinking ability, develop a keener sense of wonder and awe, and recognize the unity that binds together everything they are learning.

WISDOM’s online program aims to allow Christ to direct all of our studies. We do this by praying before each class and trying to conduct our discussions in the most sincere and charitable manner possible. The tutors refrain from speaking to the class as an authority but rather focus on encouraging all of the students to think, enquire, and express. The interaction is not a book club or survey of comprehension questions but, instead, tutors lead discussion by asking a few key questions that guide the students to think of the “great ideas” and probe deeper questions that evoke great truths: What is heroism? What is beauty? Was the hero just? What is justice…?


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