As both a homeschooling mom with WISDOM and staff member with Athletes In Action, I’m excited to share this unique opportunity with you!    ~ Suzanne DeGroot

Athletes In Action’s Soccer and Basketball Camps

Delivered to your Inbox for as little as $5/student!

If you’re looking for some fun and healthy ways to get your kids outside this summer...

We’ve got a one of a kind opportunity for you!

Athletes in Action is usually busy running sports camps across Canada every week of the summer, but not so this year with covid restrictions. 

Instead, they’ve created an incredible video resource that allows you to “host” some amazing coaches right in your very own backyard to mentor and teach your kids soccer and/or basketball!

The bonus is they won’t just be teaching a bunch of the tricks and tips of the sport... in each video they’ll also speak into the spiritual lives of each child with coach testimonies and practical applications of how faith in Jesus impacts each of us not just on a Sunday, but every day of the week!

Couple of perks:

  • Choose whatever dates are most convenient for you and your family.
  • Take an hour or so to cover the day’s content or a whole morning if you want to throw in a soccer scrimmage with friends... whatever works best for you.
  • You don’t have to know anything about soccer or basketball yourself. They lay out some simple equipment to have on hand and the videos will walk you through how to set up the drill and encourage your kids to work through what the coaches on video taught. 

Once you sign up to host a camp for just your own family or for a group of friends and families, you’ll receive access to 5 days’ worth of coaching via online videos plus access to an AIA staff member that will be available to answer all your questions as you go through this. 

The videos are watched in segments... just press pause while your kids run outside to complete the warm-up, drills and mini-competitions. When they’re done, they’re back in to hear the next piece of the puzzle. 

Parents – you’ll have a chance to talk through some discussion questions with your kids each day to help them think through and apply some of the concepts being shared.

If you want to share the experience with friends and family that live elsewhere or are unable to gather in one place because of covid restrictions, zoom calls can easily be set up and the videos shared across screens and breakout groups created for discussion times. AIA staff are available to help you through the entire process!

For more information and to sign up to host a camp for your family or a group of families, simply click this link.

Athletes in Action Canada is a not-for-profit Christian sports ministry dedicated to developing the total athlete. We encourage athletes to think critically about their identity and place within the world of sport.

Through the integration of faith, life, & sport we believe each person can experience a victory beyond competition!

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