As we move to the end of the school year, many parents like to add an external year-end exam or test in order to provide them with an objective, outside evaluation. Here are three options available to your family for year-end review.
NOTE: results of these examinations are for your own information as your child's teacher, and are not kept in your official student file unless you request that they be added.

Please let us know if you have questions!

Classic Learning Test

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is a post-secondary entrance exam, created as an alternative to the SAT and recognized at many post-secondary institutions across the United States, and a growing number in Canada.

In addition to the college entrance exam, the folks at CLT have created the CLT 8 for students in grades 8 or 9, and the CLT 10 for students in grades 10 or 11. These tests focus on numeracy and literacy, and can be a useful evaluation tool, and one that can be conveniently accessed from home. Please click here for more information on the CLT tests. WISDOM families receive a discount on all CLTs.


SOLARO is an online learning and assessment resource that uses Alberta Programs of Study outcomes for lessons, activities, exercises, and quizzes with detailed solutions for grades 3-12. (SOLARO holds 10 times the content of the comparable Key books.)

Each student license grants access to as many as 10 subjects at a time, spanning any grades. This allows for review where needed or the option to advance as quickly as suits the student.

Parents using the teacher license can create lessons, quizzes and more for their students in the form of text and multimedia assignments.

Learn more and sign up here

Canadian Tests of Basic Skills

The Canadian Tests of Basic Skills (CTBS) is provided to WISDOM families free of charge. The CTBS offers a national standing for your child based on language and math, allowing parents to understand the individual strengths of a child and offering insight into areas for growth or challenge. CTBS is completed at home, under parent supervision, and then materials are returned to WISDOM to send on to Nelson for scoring.

WISDOM charges a $20 damage deposit for test materials, per student - this fee is returned when the booklets are received back in the office, damage free. From September through February of each school year, families may use funding for the damage deposit. After March 1, a credit card number is held for the deposit.

Request CTBS by emailing Tests are sent to you by mail, and you then have 6 weeks to complete and return the booklets to WISDOM. Once scored, WISDOM emails you the results.

Canadian Test Centre

CTC/Canadian Test Centre offers home educators an opportunity to assess their students with the nationally recognized Canadian Achievement Tests (CAT) and the Canadian Test of Cognitive Skills (CTCS). These tests provide home educators with information that will assist them in teaching and guiding their students.

For more information, visit their website

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