Home schooling with WISDOM

Supporting traditional home schooling, where parents have control over what is taught to their children, how it is taught, and when it is taught.

This page is here for testing purposes and does not actually work yet.

  1. Gather your receipts, review the funding policy, complete the expense form, and save it as a PDF.
  2. Scan or save each receipt as separate PDFs or images. Multiple-page receipts should be submitted as single files.
  3. Submit all the files together here, making sure to add the receipts receipts in the same order as on your expense form.
  4. When the files are uploaded and the system completes sending them to Finance, you will receive a confirmation email.

What’s left to do:

  1. Move the form to a better URL.
  2. Maybe add more explanation text to the form.
  3. Of course add a message on the Funding page about it.
  4. Make the confirmation page actually what is should be.
  5. Right now, everything is stored indefinitely. We could do an automatic delete, but that might not be the greatest. Maybe a scheduled (monthly?) email from me asking if I can delete the older-than-a-certain-age ones?
  6. Right now the email is just linking to the PDF instead of sending it as an attachment, solely because I’m lazy efficient. Sending attachments is more work and could be tricky because of the file size but I could try to do that if you’d prefer.
  7. Finalise wording and explanation blurbs.

Little explaination blurb.

Little explaination blurb.

It will take a moment for everything to upload. Your patience is appreciated!

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