We first considered homeschooling our children when our oldest child was just a toddler. By the time kindergarten (and the yellow school bus) approached, we had surrendered to God’s leading by choosing to educate our children at home instead of in a school setting.

This journey that began with some trepidation soon evolved into a new lifestyle filled with fun, frustration, adventure…and a whole lot of fantastic books! Several bookshelves later, we find ourselves near the end of our homeschooling experience with our five children, with 25 years behind us and only 1 short year ahead.

Although I approached the high school years with great trepidation and angst, I am incredibly thankful that we persevered and home educated our oldest four all the way through their high school years. Three of our kids have graduated from their postsecondary studies (with one of them having continued on at university for his second degree), the fourth is apprenticed and continues to work as an automotive mechanic, and our youngest (in Grade 12) is continuing her educational journey at home. Our oldest four are all married now (because two weddings in the midst of a pandemic sounded like a lot of fun!), and two of them have also embarked on the adventure known as parenthood, making us grandparents in the process. (And may I just add that I’ve become quite convinced that enjoying grandkids is the whole point of the entire parenting process. . .)

We are so grateful for the support and guidance we have received from WISDOM for so many years and are honoured to be members of their Parent Support Council.

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