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Janelle is married to Ed, and they have 3 children: Emily, Abigail and Sheldon. They have been homeschooling for 13 years.  Family time is very important, and they like to spend their time together outdoors; camping, walking, and with the horses.  You will often hear the guitar or piano being played in their home as they love to create music.

The Mailhot family has experienced the challenges of relocating and entering a new community when they moved to the Derwent area in July 2014. They became more unified and grew in faith, thankfulness, and humility.  Learning about the community and meeting new people are important to building character and developing life skills.

Janelle loves to be in the kitchen.  She is often involving the children and they each have their special recipes to share.  What better place to learn your fractions?

Janelle works part time in the office answering phone calls and processing CTBS, as well as assisting with general office administration.  Janelle enjoys talking to WISDOM parents when they call the office and looks forward to meeting more of you at camps and events.