Fitz and Rhonda met and married while teaching high school in Calgary. When asked if they would send their children to the school they taught at, they both instantly replied, “Not a chance!” They saw honest, hardworking teachers serving lovely, wonderful children who nevertheless ended grade 12 with no sense of passion, direction, or responsibility. They reasoned that since they wanted a different outcome for their own children, they needed a different input. This, combined with a strong sense of responsibility for the formation of their three children, and the particular needs of their oldest child, led them to start homeschooling in 2011.

The family moved to Rocky Mountain House in 2012 when one of Rhonda’s high school teachers retired and Fitz got his job. Fortunately, there is a large and active homeschool community there and they quickly made lasting friendships and connections. In 2018 Rhonda started a Classical Conversations Community and has been involved as a Director ever since. She currently directs Challenge I. 

Rhonda credits homeschooling her children with remediating her own education and is deeply grateful that homeschool has allowed her to spend so much time with her daughters and son. She counts it a great honour and privilege to journey with families as a homeschool facilitator and English Specialist. 

Three random tidbits: Rhonda is a passionate reader and especially enjoys her Well-Read Mom book club. She is Métis and directs The Métis Heritage Project, a nonprofit that works in partnership with Parks Canada to provide interpretation programs at the National Historic Site in Rocky Mountain House. Rhonda is a certified life coach. After coaching, her clients describe feeling calm, encouraged, and hopeful.

Rocky Mountain House

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