Sue and her husband Dean have been married more than 30 years, and have four sons whom they educated at home through high school and beyond.  Sue loved the time spent at home as a family, learning and growing together.  The kitchen table became the center of numerous discussions, debates, questions, and discoveries.  “Why?” was always encouraged and truth was mined from readings, studies, conversations, and more questions.

Sue loves the outdoors - especially to be among trees! - and the boys spent a lot of time exploring nature.  The Peachments often enjoy camping, canoeing, hiking and cycling together.  

Sue and Dean love having the boys home for visits, and look forward to every opportunity to laugh, talk and play games together.  The conversations are never boring!

Working as a facilitator for WISDOM is a tremendous blessing for Sue, and a testament to God’s goodness.  Sue is passionate about family and home education, and is blessed to be able to serve other homeschooling families, supporting them on this exciting and meaningful journey.

Sue and Dean Peachment, Olds

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