My wife, Joyce, and I have been blessed with six children, all of whom are grown and gone from home.  We are thrilled to now have grandchildren on their home education journey and to walk alongside the second generation of home educators!

My background includes studies in the sciences, employment as a park warden in National Parks, and dairy farming, before pursuing a career in education. I then taught grades 9 - 12 (primarily industrial education) for 16 years.

When our older children were young, we were practically unaware of home schooling. When we looked into educating our two youngest at home, the advantages became obvious. Meeting home schooling families, and especially the wonderful people their children had become, resulted in our decision to home school.

We see education as much more than achieving academic success; parents are best able to accomplish the formation of the whole child. We treasure the quality time we spend with each other, and the close family relationships which result. We appreciate the opportunity to pursue education without the burden of provincial curricula and exams, and the freedom to focus on the great minds of the past while considering individual strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Learning is something we enjoy rather than just something we must do. Home education is often challenging, but always rewarding, with parents often being the biggest beneficiaries of the effort.

I am grateful to be working as a WISDOM facilitator. Working with staff and families who have Christ as their focus is very inspiring. Meeting and having the opportunity to grow alongside other home schooling families has been a very unique and rewarding experience. My hope is that my experience and passion for home education may be helpful and encouraging to others. We pray that, through the grace of God, we all grow in holiness and truth, and live simple and prayerful lives that give glory to God.

Louis Sehn, South

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