Nola and her husband Don have two adult daughters whom they homeschooled all the way through high school. Nola was a teacher for several years before their first daughter was born. Homeschooling wasn’t initially the plan for their family, but because their children needed to be with them a little longer, and because of observing such good fruit in the lives of other homeschooling families, the Hutchinsons made the decision to try it for a year. It wasn’t always easy, but once they experienced the benefit for their girls and their family life, they were convinced they were on the right path.

Having time together to really talk about anything and everything is the huge benefit of homeschooling. Choosing what to focus on in our education plans is so appealing, as we can customize learning to meet the needs and interests of our children. The Hutchinsons discovered that they really liked the rhythm of learning at home, not rushing off in many different directions. There was time in the day for piano practice and studying so that the evenings were open for other pursuits.

Nola's family is active in their church, community and home school theatre groups, watching and playing soccer, travelling around Canada, and trying to make each other laugh. When all four members of the family were in musicals, they would have very late nights during performance weeks, so homeschooling was such a blessing as they were able to adjust the schedule as needed. Don and Nola direct a homeschool drama group, The Emphatic Dramatics, in Camrose.  Nola also enjoys singing in a choir, reading, sewing, plotting home improvements, riding her bike, going for walks, and chatting with the girls.

Both of Nola and Don's daughters are currently in the post-secondary education stage of their lives and love to continue learning and studying. Their home base is Camrose, Alberta.

Nola & Don Hutchinson, Camrose