Brian and Teri are blessed with seven children. They have been homeschooling in Alberta and BC since 1995. Brian is a teacher at heart and has also fulfilled many roles in the education system. Brian once led the development of a home education program to support local families.

Learning starts in the home. Homeschooling gave Brian and Teri a means to continue enacting their parental duty as stewards of God’s children. 

Organizations like WISDOM Home Schooling and the Alberta Home Education Association have provided the Tajes encouragement, training and resources. In addition, they created a vital sense of community and validated the homeschooling choice. Being part of a homeschooling community continues to enrich the Taje family.

Supportive families and constructive relationships are foundational to a child’s growth and well-being. Homeschooling has been rewarding and fun, required effort and commitment, and proved to be challenging at times. Offering guidance and support to fellow homeschooling families is a privilege while sharing collective wisdom is an honor.

Brian Taje, Beaumont

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