Anella graduated with her B.Ed in April 2006. In June 2006, her eldest son, Samuel, was born. Samuel attended his mom's graduation ceremony at 4 days old! Since his birth Anella and her husband, Mike, have welcomed six more children through birth and adoption. 

Anella and Mike have home educated their children from the beginning (with a brief foray into public school); nothing compares to the joy of living life together at home. Anella has a heart for large homeschooling families and the unique challenges faced by parents with many children learning at home. 

Homeschooling her children has been, and continues to be, one of the hardest and most rewarding things Anella has done. Through it all,  the homeschool life has been the biggest blessing  in her life and she believes homeschooling is part of the very best life for families.  She loves supporting homeschool families on their journey through these years. 

A couple of the mottos that have guided Anella through the hard and good times are:

Homeschooling: it's good, but it's hard; it's hard but it's good.

Don't push, don't compare, and don't hold back.

Anella lives with her husband and children near Grande Prairie.

Anella & Mike Jantz, Sexmith