Catherine van Kampen is happy to be a part of the WISDOM team.  She has had a variety of teaching positions.  She began teaching in Taiwan in 2004 and that was an adventure!  Next, she moved back to her hometown of Saskatoon and taught Kindergarten while subbing in other schools on days off. Eventually, Catherine ended up in Calgary, her husband Peter's hometown, and taught at both Bishop Grandin High School as well as Father Lacombe High School.  All of these jobs taught her new things...but none prepared her for the next mission she would undertake: homeschooling her own children. From 2013 to the present Catherine has been both delighted and stretched by the process of homeschooling.  Each child being so unique, she is always adjusting, learning to listen, and trying to laugh often. Peter and Catherine have five children.  They enjoy camping and hiking, reading and singing... and thank God for their cozy little house in a big clump of trees. Maybe it looks more like a zoo than a home on some days, but Catherine trusts that good things are growing, and she loves this life!

Catherine & Peter van Kampen, Rocky Mountain House

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