Paul and his wife Mary have been married more than 35 years, have seven children, and home education has been a way of life for them for over 25 years.  The family loves Socratic discussion because it is not just a form of education but a part of daily life – during tea times, during meal times, or while driving to an event. As Mary says, "we have a deep commitment to classical education including philosophy and logic.  It is a part of our life, every day."

Mary recalls first considering home schooling: "We saw that home schooled children were whole and good and even holy. Home schooling families spent time together and grew together as a family. We wanted that!"

The family loves all forms of music and several of their children are multi-instrumentalists.  They also love the outdoors – hiking, kayaking, canoeing, wilderness camping, trail walking, mountain climbing, and Roger Deakin-style swimming.  Paul and Mary enjoy walking and are looking forward to someday taking an extended Inkling-type walking tour.  Their five oldest children have now graduated from home education and have gone on to post-secondary studies and beyond. 

The family loves being a part of the WISDOM community: "The experience of home schooling has been a great blessing from God for our family and we hope and pray that it will be a blessing for your family too!"

Paul van den Bosch, Stony Plain

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